Kpop Makeup Look #1 SNSD Taeyeon I Solo Album + Tutorial

taeyeon I solo debut makeup tutorial

Taeyeon gaining a lot of attention recently. It's because her succesful solo debut. And not just because her music is great, but her makeup is no joke. It's hella preatty.

She pursue the mysterious look ala fairy world. Especially with messy curly blonde hair and fair skin. She's just flawless. Today we are going to do the makeup tutorial for this look. Enjoy.

The first step is base. You can use any base cosmetic you want but for this particular look, we use BB Powder.

taeyeon i makeup step by step tutorial

Second, draw your eyebrows. Make sure to make it not too archy, draw them downwards.

taeyeon I solo debut makeup tutorial

Third, if you don't have high nose like Taeyeon, contour your eyes and nose to create similar effect.

taeyeon I solo debut makeup look

Now apply pink eyeshadow. I personally never think pink eyeshadow can look good. But it does. Especially on Taeyeon.

taeyeon I solo debut makeup tutorial

Draw the eyeliner as thin as possible and draw the line follow the natural shape of your eyes and bring it downwards.

taeyeon I makeup tutorial

Put upper and bottom fake lashes. If you don't have fake bottom lashes, use eyeliner and mascara to create the same look.

taeyeon I solo debut makeup tutorial

This is the result. Very similar when you use fake bottom lashes.

taeyeon I makeup tutorial step by step

Put on blush in vertical shape.

taeyeon i makeup look

Now put on natural pink lipstick on your entire lips.

taeyeon i makeup tutorial

To create gradation effect like Taeyeon, first use redish lip tint or lip gloss at the center of the lips and blend.

taeyeon i makeup step by step tutorial

The, give a little hint of orange color with orange lip tint.

taeyeon i makeup recreation

And the Taeyeon makeup is done. What do you think of this look? Personally I think it will suit everyone since it's only use 1 color of eyeshadow. It's also look dreamy, so perfect for young girls. It gives lovely look as well.

Makeup Look by heyitsfeiii


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