Korean Makeup Look #1 Red Velvet Irene Fresh Makeup

Do you want to achieve this flawless korean makeup look? Follow 5 tips that I'll tell you.

korean makeup look
Korean Makeup Look - Red Velvet Irene

First, apply foundation that a touch lighter than your actual skin. This is maybe a weird tips for some of you, but korean people does that. Even celebrities does that. Why? Because lighter color makes your face fairly smaller.

Second, use light color of eyeshadow. Korean never use bold color unless they gonna go to club. So, for everyday basis you want to use only light colors in your eyes.

Third, brows rules. This part is probably the part that you need to remember the most. It's the shape of your eyebrows. Whether yours are actually has arch, you can't go with that. Korean makeup always go for thick straight brow shape.

Use a lighter color possible for blush. You don't want your blush to be too much. Only a wash of color will do. You can use any blush color you want, but only apply a teeny tiny bit of it. I'll call it a no-blush blush application.

Lastly, you can go with any lip color you want. But in this particular korean makeup look, we're going to a fresh look. So a watermelon color goes really well with the entire look.

So, do you want to recreate this look? Comment below to show your recreation of this look or let me know what you think.

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