Korean Makeup Look #2 2NE1 Dara Girly Look

We are back with another korean makeup look. This time we're going to talk about a girly look. To potrait a girly image, first color that comes to our mind must be pink. So that's exactly what we are going to do today.

Korean Makeup Girly Look

So first thing first, use moisturizer. Then after that apply foundation or BB cream, any of your choice. You want your skin to be dewy but if you have oily skin, apply translucent powder on the area you tend to get oily the most. That's it, and your base is done.

Moving onto the brows. Use a pencil brow that match your hair color or if you have super dark hair you want to use a slightly lighter tone so your appearance doesn't come out harsh. After frame your brows, you're ready for eye makeup.

Don't use pink eyeshadow if you're wearing pink lipstick. Especially if you are Korean people. Pink eyeshadow tend to make korean eyes look swollen. Instead use contour color such as brown or gold.

Now let's go pink. Use pink blush and make sure to make it subtle so you don't look like a clown. And last, use glossy pink lipstick. Tada, your girly makeup look is now done. This look is perfect for date or even just for everyday basis.

Chalimi Fithratu

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